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I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wellington blown away

It was a cold wet day when I got off the bus, I ran down the hill and up my street when I walked into the house Mum had made me a cocoa . I sat down next to the fire and listened to my ipod well txting friends. But well I was inside, outside it was a different story the wind was just warming up for the night ahead.

Mum had shut all the curtains and turned all the lights on the stars had come out and the bad weather had set it for a wild night. I turned on my Facebook to find a million status about power outages and how bad the weather is. When I hoped into bed I had extra blankets and a hot water bottle. I could hear the wind howling like dog in the cold night but I was safe inside.

When I woke up, I got dressed school like normal only just to find school was cancelled I let out a squeal of joy. All day I spent watching movies and txting friends.Best no school day ever.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The missing buildings

Two  more buildings have been reported as missing the empire state building and eiffel tower. Mr edem looked distressed what is the supposed action we take he said wearily. a small blonde woman with glasses and little nose commented well i guess we have to find out where they are Mr Edem thought about this for a moment then burst out with plans jonny i want you to get all the latest gadgets and things for a detective mission folly i want the  best spy around and lossy cup of tea please the three people rushed of hurriedly Mr Edem smiled and  then waved his hand as to gesture for the rest of them to leave.

Bob picked up his phone as i'm sexy and i know ringtone rang through the church ah hi he whispered and quickly shuffled down the row and out of the church I was in church you duffy what the hell he screamed still hadn’t realizing he was still in air shot of the church I have a mission a very important mission jonny said on the other end of the phone..

Bob zoomed over to headquarters in his mercedes. As he reached the entrance he saw folly standing outside the gates.Folly briefed Bob and led him into the lab where Jonny had a suitcase in front of him  Hi jonny smiled I am here to show you all the interesting things you get to use in this mission Bob could  now see how serious this mission was.

The first place Bob visited  was pairs and all he found was a big concert area where the eiffel tower use to stand and a long black piece of what seemed to be human hair Bob found out from than that the thing that was stealing the buildings was big so like a giant he thought next was america for the empire state building here he found a lonely cloud right in the middle of where the empire state building should be he thought to himself so it comes from the sky.Next was england big ben had gone and he found 100 people worshiping the sky he thought to himself so its a god of some sort.

Back at headquarters the came to a decision That it was a sky god and they needed to go up into the sky and ask for the buildings back. Bob took three other people with him incase it was dangerous.They flew around in clouds for a while until flapjack the pilot spotted a huge man sitting in cloud. Bob hopped out of the plane and asked the giant for the buildings. The gaint started to cry i only wanted some friends. Bob thought for a bit then if i come up every two weeks and visit can i have the buildings the giant agreed and that was that.

The end

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

100 word challenge zoo keeper

 The gates opened to the zoo and kids flooded the zoo with noise. The night keeper went to sleep as it was day. A loud scream rang out into the zoo keepers window. He jumped to his feet and looked out the window. A big, brown bear had jumped out of his cage  then a big muscely tiger leaped out. It was manic. The zoo keeper rushed down the stairs of the zoo house. The zoo was shut down and it was night time again. The zoo keeper looked around to find something that could have let out all of the animals. Then he saw a person with long brown hair and red eyes undoing the giraffe cage. He asserted the person and the zoo was saved.

Zoo keeper showing off her fruit bat