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I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

media image of women

There is an underlining problem involving women and their image in the media. There is a stereotype for pretty women that are not reachable for most women and girls without surgery and diets. There have been nearly 9.5 million people choosing to have surgery in the U.S.A that’s way too much.
Women's image is changing within our society. Young women are being more self-concious of their bodies and are layering on make up to make them feel better about themselves. It's really cruel and shouldn't be happening. More women are going diets to be like the girls they see in magazines even though the models have all been air brushed. That’s what young women want to be like this unreachable goal to be perfect it is bringing us all down. We should be happy with ourselves and love all body types.

Magazine and TV are disrespecting heaps of girls' body in what they dress them in; miniskirts tight tops lingerie. It is all fuelling the race to be perfect. Girls see the girls in the magazine, they don’t think, "ew that’s horrible." They think those girls have publicity and money and be like them and it reflects in what they wear. The girls in the media aren’t role models for young women there the op in yet heaps young girls want to be like them

I wrote this because I know I am a young person and I do see this going on it's not good it needs to stop.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

cross country

 cross country
 about the gruiling and exshting thing they call cross country.We trained for 3 weeks it was hard but worth it to come a good place in cross country to make our sydicate and class proud.

The training. We had to do it the rain that made your clothes soked the cold that gave you frost bites.and the hot sun the made you sweat like a O'C had a huge expectation of us.he gave us a never die atachued.although im not the greatest runner i sill tried hard to push myself.

the was race day the day were all training is put into action.i packed a good lunch my PE gear and extra under wear in case it rained.when i got to school the class was buzzing with excitement.through the morning session everyone was taking about was time we all entered the hall you heard chatting we were all pumped and a littel qweazy.first up the year 7 girls we all headed out ready to warm up pukia did our speacile warm up but now to hard you didnt want to waste your engey.

we all lined up on the start line whh the whishtel blow some of us sprinted it out to get an erly lead but as mr o'c always says you cant win the race in the first 30 but you can lose in the first 30.i was running with helen we got a rithim going run a bit then walk it we also ran up the hills ansd walked down the hills anther hady tip from mr o' were about a qwater way through i deicdied to go hard the 30 or so meters i kiked in the top gear i had my sits seat on under 50 as passed a few girls i could see through the end of the tunnnel the sprint to the end as i crossed the finshed line i had a burt of relf but also and actions to see wat i came. i got a really good potion 39

maby cross county inst so bad after all.