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I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

athletics day

athletichs day

Today was athletics day. i had my fairy custom on and of course it was bright pink. pink is for my syndicate coulor.each sidatce has its each unicea coulor  and on athletics day we all sport our sudcate coulors.and my sidcate coulor is pink the most awsomesets coulor in the world for the most awsomesets sidacate in the world.

when i entered the classroom, the emtion was high. the class room filled with exciment we were all ready to kill the competion.people painting there faces and getting inow  to there pink raedy to show pouikia pround.First i had sprinting we all got into lines and when the gun went or this case the clapper you ran as fast as you possibley can till you reach the finsh line of coures. sadly i came secound but sally ann wcame first in her race so she went to the semmies.
next i had long jump first i needed to take a braeth.

We all went over to long jump and was hopeing to do better in long jump but i ne sopse second isnt to bad but it stil isnt that golden first long jump there was a long sad pit and teachers had raks to smooth out the sad after each jump.i was in the line two people in front of me till i had my time to shine and my tummy he bell turned i felt like my tummy was doing cart wheels and landing funny but i had to keep steady as the the person in front of me went. it was my turn my time to shine and i was gonna do it i ran as hard as i could and jumped i landedot perut
the bell rang and it was time for morning tea time thank the lord it was over its time to rest and recharge for the next acitvys
now we have high jump the first bar was doable and i cleared it easy but the next one i failed to do. now i had shotput i didnt do that well but i was still pround of i have vortex next i remardand i was going to win mr pie hand relase teqnie and i swung and it went far far but not far enuonge to make a record.last i had disics .

i wounderful time at arthletics and i cant wait for next year