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I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Fracking Reflection

What i would have done better next time: The slide show it was rushed and I think we could have practised our presentation a bit more.

What i did good: research i think we did the research on fracing good.

How my team worked: Good we all had different jobs, Sarah was the typist, I researched the topic and Lachlan created the presentation.

I think we worked well together,

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The year six guide to succeed.

Room 15
Tawa Intermediate School

Year sixes


Hello year 6's
I can't wait to see you next year.

Here's some wise wisdom for uniform. Wear P.E. shorts under your skirt in case it flies up and... it  can also look good if you don't  tuck shirt in or you're like a wannabe be. If your skirt is too long you can roll it or hem it. Boys don't tuck your shirt into your pants. Shoes, try not to get the big clumpy ones. New balance are okay but converse are the best. Don't tuck your PE top into your PE shorts if you don't have your jumper on top. 

Now for some tips for the first day. When you walk into the classroom, you are going to be nervous so don't worry about that. The first day you just want to sus people out. So be quiet, listen and you will find out who you want to be friends with. If you get  put in a desk group you don't like, don't worry about it. They will change once the teacher finds out who the noisy ones and split them up.

Thanks for listening to my advice I hope it helps you in Tawa intermediate.

your faithfully Giorgione.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The scariest thing i ever did on camp was caving but it was one of the most fun too.we had to go in a bus to the caving site once we were the we had to walk across muddy sludge fields to the entrance of the cave.We were spilt into two groups one would go caving first the other would go to the flying fox.but before we headed off to our activity's miss wanted to say something to us'' before you go caving its a good idea to put veggie mite on your face to keep the cave wetas away"she said. Me being scared of wetas made me jump up and put it on my face but i didn't know she was joking i felt really quite dumb but when i think a out it know its quiet funny.

The flying fox was awesome. you go down at the speed of light.i screamed the whole way its was super fun. you felt like you were flying.after that it was time to go caving we grabbed a helmet and a torch and headed in it was damp cold inside the cave and when you talked it echoed.we slipped through small gaps and ducked down i hit my head quiet alot at one point of the cave we had to climb up at ledge while holding a rope. once we were out. it was weird because everything was very light.

i had heaps of fun doing it and would love to do it again.

by Giorgione

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Its was sunny day.
When loria went out to play.
She got all messy.
When she played with bessy.
On the bay.

Callum likes to run.
12 races hes won.
He mets heaps of people wen he jogs aruond the bay.
He trans every day.
But most of all he has fun.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

National standards

Imagine your little brother has made you a birthday card ,he has tried his hardest on it it's spelling bad and the picture on the front Is Messy ,
but you don't say oh that's not up to standard.He has tried hard to make it for you so why in schools does that happen.

National standards don't work for everyone .For kids that English is there second language are struggling in in national standers. even though they find it hard to understand english they get marked same as a student who has a been in education system all their life. It's not right they are trying their hardest but it's not enough .

If kids have tried hard all year, and the teacher can see that they still get marked down. everyone's not Perfect some times it takes a little while longer.

National standards to me is a bad way of judging kids learning.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tuesay afternoon

For our collaborative art project in class we have do a doddle of something that means a lot to us I did a hand because it helps me learn. We talked about our doodle to each class mate. After that miss announced we were going to be doing a colaborative art project using our doodle! quickly we got into groups only to find miss swap us around becuse for this project we couldn't work with our friends I was annoyed at first but soon I figured it would be nice to meet other people in the class not just stay in my normal group of friends.

In our groups we started to plan our art work my group Nikki, Lele and me decided to splater red green black and yellow on a white piece of paper then in black paint do our doodles on top.Then we got our piece of paper and started on our splatering of the paint it got everywhere but luckly we had put news paper down to keep the floor safe. After we left it to dry ready for the next day to paint our doddle on top.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

more maori in schools

should we have more Maori taught in our schools ?

i think we should be teaching young people more Maori taught in schools. when i went to primary my teacher did her best to teach us it but i could tell she did understand it.teacher already have to deal with marking work keeping student quiet and the list go on with out starting on teaching  students a language you don't yourself that's why they should have people to help them.
also learning a language when your young is much easier than when you its a great time to start i have moved to intermediate there has been different opportunity's to learn the Maori culture.
by Giorgione  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

on the roof

"hi sarah",brit whispered
''ohh hay'', sarah exclamied
''keep it down, if miss finch hears you will be in mager trouble'', whispered brit
brit slipped down the roof.
''wait up'' sarah called.
sarah carefully jumped down after brit
'' that was fun ''brit said

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ki o rahi

Ki o rahi
We have been playing Ki a rahi in school it has been a great way to get fit and active during school.We have heaps of fun doing it and we learn basic skills like throwing, stepping, and losing gracefully. Sadly i my team did not win any games but i still  enjoyed it. we had instructors who help us help us learn the game.And taught us the rules and basic strategies we could us to score.

There are two teams one of them scores my passing the ball and touching all the posts then taps into the middle the other team. Scores by throwing the ball into the middle to try hit the post there are goal keepers to deflect  the ball from the other team.

It is an awesome game and wonderful experience.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

my besties

i have heaps of besties but there in is particular 5 in my class called.Brittany or Britt , Nikita, Jade or Jadelings, Sarah  and Courtney or Court. they are really special to me if i don't understand something Brit is all ways there with her helpful dude seriously but Nikita has more warm helpfulness she always explains it to me so i understand it.Sarah is really sweet to.but sometimes a bit to much sweets or coffee result in hypnosis and lets just leave it at that.court can also get a bit over excited too unlike Sarah though she is crap at keeping secrets special ones about last bestie jade is  free spirit always smiling and is amazing at surviving high school  game on her ipod
and that about it.
see yahh
by giorgione

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


as i looked out the window i saw white pufffs of snow slowly drifting down and softly landing on the road outside.i screamed to my mum excitedly its snowing its snowing mum was making hot chocolates for me and my brother she peered out the window well its isn't. i quickly but my gumboots on and my warm coat as i slipped out the door on to the deck i imdallty saw white everywhere even on the tops of the tree and my football was drechted in snow like a big ball of ice cream. my was brother out the back yard picking up snow to throw at me i quickly duked as snow was thrown at me it was tom my brother bestie who was one who throw it. u little i screamed i gonna get you


Thursday, 2 August 2012

reading refletion

hey  miss

my reading  has not been going to good. becuse of haveing to do stuff for the submisson ia also need to strat planing the week ahead so i know when to do stuff and not slack off.

i have been reading cookie its about a girl who is being builled at school and her dad dosent treat her mom or her with respect.its her birthday comeing up and her dad has planed a huge party for her but she is scared he will get angry in front of skye and louey
  from giorione

Thursday, 26 July 2012

ashley worn

ashley worn

ring ring . miss qwiclle brring hands out the homework sheets as she throws my down onto my desk i g my pencile and write my name on it. as i head out the door i see conor and lurean leaning agisnt the lookers.thi hey look trieed and conors bag is nearly falling off his hunched shoulder i can see mr rootebs hand writeing and i figur thats why there down.

as i walk past conors kiks my bag as a joke he smiles when i look back lauran punches him in the stumch he winches but dosent show the real pain he is in i wink at the lauren.i start to walk home but as i go past uncels kendys backery i stop to walk in as i open the door a fredash smeel of bread flushes my nortrels he yell hey dalring what are doing here.

just stoping by.he comes out and hugs me he has flour in his hands the white stanies my black blouse he qwikly rushes into the kichen he brings back a lovley tart with rasberry inside i smile and thank him i bit into the tart the buttery soft pasty liks my lipsthe rasberry and sweet and tang.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my world gose black i feel as tho a train has hit me a flow of coldness gose throw me like a ghost my head hits the floor with bang i black out

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

media image of women

There is an underlining problem involving women and their image in the media. There is a stereotype for pretty women that are not reachable for most women and girls without surgery and diets. There have been nearly 9.5 million people choosing to have surgery in the U.S.A that’s way too much.
Women's image is changing within our society. Young women are being more self-concious of their bodies and are layering on make up to make them feel better about themselves. It's really cruel and shouldn't be happening. More women are going diets to be like the girls they see in magazines even though the models have all been air brushed. That’s what young women want to be like this unreachable goal to be perfect it is bringing us all down. We should be happy with ourselves and love all body types.

Magazine and TV are disrespecting heaps of girls' body in what they dress them in; miniskirts tight tops lingerie. It is all fuelling the race to be perfect. Girls see the girls in the magazine, they don’t think, "ew that’s horrible." They think those girls have publicity and money and be like them and it reflects in what they wear. The girls in the media aren’t role models for young women there the op in yet heaps young girls want to be like them

I wrote this because I know I am a young person and I do see this going on it's not good it needs to stop.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

cross country

 cross country
 about the gruiling and exshting thing they call cross country.We trained for 3 weeks it was hard but worth it to come a good place in cross country to make our sydicate and class proud.

The training. We had to do it the rain that made your clothes soked the cold that gave you frost bites.and the hot sun the made you sweat like a O'C had a huge expectation of us.he gave us a never die atachued.although im not the greatest runner i sill tried hard to push myself.

the was race day the day were all training is put into action.i packed a good lunch my PE gear and extra under wear in case it rained.when i got to school the class was buzzing with excitement.through the morning session everyone was taking about was time we all entered the hall you heard chatting we were all pumped and a littel qweazy.first up the year 7 girls we all headed out ready to warm up pukia did our speacile warm up but now to hard you didnt want to waste your engey.

we all lined up on the start line whh the whishtel blow some of us sprinted it out to get an erly lead but as mr o'c always says you cant win the race in the first 30 but you can lose in the first 30.i was running with helen we got a rithim going run a bit then walk it we also ran up the hills ansd walked down the hills anther hady tip from mr o' were about a qwater way through i deicdied to go hard the 30 or so meters i kiked in the top gear i had my sits seat on under 50 as passed a few girls i could see through the end of the tunnnel the sprint to the end as i crossed the finshed line i had a burt of relf but also and actions to see wat i came. i got a really good potion 39

maby cross county inst so bad after all.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

book review

Charlottes web
This book is a wonderful book and I really enjoyed this the first time I read it. My Mum read it to me. Over the years I have read it 5 times. The auther is E.B.White. The words have given me a different look on life. This book is about a runt and jhow a little girl who saves him aand names him Wilbur but it is soon chistmas and they need a pig to eat.....
 I like this book because it had never die spirt to it and i love how at the end the spider has littel baby it gives the death of the spider a new hope to sort of carry on her leausges  to carry on the good stuf . dawn brother he is very funny in what he dose it in the book.

i recomed this book to 7 to any age this a lovley book and i have ove reading it time and agine.and i also loved it being read to me too so what ever age u should read it

from  giorgione  

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Lilly diary

dear diary
today we're going to the shops and buying some cool stuff after mum stayed out all night were owed some special time with us. apparently she has found her husband he only 19 i don't think he realise she has kids and 3 husbands i reckon she needs to think about her life before she jumps into  things.

well i wonder what I'm gonna by with my money i am  thinking about a bracelet or saving i know what pixie gonna buy the same thing every time bunny rabbit.and the twins will fight what over they got and both of them will get broken.i fell sorry for mum she always low on  money and you can tell she doesn't like living in the easte and this will only make it worst if things dont work out with this guy.

and about last night mum went for one drink but it turned into clubbing and that when she met dis when she met this  guy i know she really likes him but i think she is rushing into it and she hasn't told him about us yet.i am worried about her.and what this guy dumps because of us.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

athletics day

athletichs day

Today was athletics day. i had my fairy custom on and of course it was bright pink. pink is for my syndicate coulor.each sidatce has its each unicea coulor  and on athletics day we all sport our sudcate coulors.and my sidcate coulor is pink the most awsomesets coulor in the world for the most awsomesets sidacate in the world.

when i entered the classroom, the emtion was high. the class room filled with exciment we were all ready to kill the competion.people painting there faces and getting inow  to there pink raedy to show pouikia pround.First i had sprinting we all got into lines and when the gun went or this case the clapper you ran as fast as you possibley can till you reach the finsh line of coures. sadly i came secound but sally ann wcame first in her race so she went to the semmies.
next i had long jump first i needed to take a braeth.

We all went over to long jump and was hopeing to do better in long jump but i ne sopse second isnt to bad but it stil isnt that golden first long jump there was a long sad pit and teachers had raks to smooth out the sad after each jump.i was in the line two people in front of me till i had my time to shine and my tummy he bell turned i felt like my tummy was doing cart wheels and landing funny but i had to keep steady as the the person in front of me went. it was my turn my time to shine and i was gonna do it i ran as hard as i could and jumped i landedot perut
the bell rang and it was time for morning tea time thank the lord it was over its time to rest and recharge for the next acitvys
now we have high jump the first bar was doable and i cleared it easy but the next one i failed to do. now i had shotput i didnt do that well but i was still pround of i have vortex next i remardand i was going to win mr pie hand relase teqnie and i swung and it went far far but not far enuonge to make a record.last i had disics .

i wounderful time at arthletics and i cant wait for next year